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[17 Jan 2007|06:08pm]
So I was looking through my old entries in this journal and I found some interesting things. Of these things, I found this entry where I wrote 100 true things about myself that other people might not know. I'm going to post it again because its kind of neat to reflect what I was like 2 years ago as opposed to now. My comments now are bolded.

100 things that used to be true about meCollapse )
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[15 Dec 2006|01:03am]
Sing me a song, tell me about
The things you're dealing with lately
I don't understand how you could
Sing to me lies, let them linger
Inside of me, give me a reason
To stay with you, just let me know
So I can run away faster than ever before

Counting down all of the hours I've spent here
Drowning in all of your lies dear
I wish that I could have been warned
So I'll tell them steer clear of Texas
To warn them and let them all know what's in store
To let them all know what's in store

I can't tell you how much I'd love to take back every word I said
You gave me every reason to ignore the lies you fed me then
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[11 Aug 2006|07:30pm]
seeing Pulse tonight.
if you want in
call my cell.
but make sure you are from the cape cod area
or will be at time of request.
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[11 Jul 2006|04:59pm]
i HATE you
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[09 May 2006|10:26pm]
my bday is in like 86400 minutes.

aka....2 days!!!?!!!?!?!!!?!\\!11oneeleven

sup @ 19. :-P
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[03 Mar 2006|10:42am]
ive been getting really sick lately. we dont know what its from so i have to go see a specialist. :-\

tonight im going to the 99 with hannah for old times sake before she goes back to DC. its gonna be kickass. (if i dont get sick while im there god willing.)
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[18 Jan 2006|02:01pm]
yup so i am now a full time student at massasoit.
i transfered from bwater.
i hate bwater.
danielle you should go somewhere else, seriously.
the only reason why i wouldve stayed is because you were going.
after 2 years at massasoit im prob gonna
transfer to dartmouth.

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[13 Dec 2005|12:07pm]

my christmas listCollapse )

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[01 Nov 2005|12:14pm]
this friday im going to see jarhead with some people. if you want to go then you can but im taking it seriously cuz its about the persian gulf war and my brother was in that.
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[04 Sep 2005|07:37pm]

send me mail!

2061/Durgin Hall
Bridgewater State College
Bridgewater MA 02325

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ouch... [16 Aug 2005|09:06pm]
still in pain from my car accident.

i was stopped behind another car, and some car going like 35 hit the back of my car really hard, and pushed me into the back of another car. two impacts. i have whiplash like you wouldnt believe. i have bruises from when i hit the steering wheel, the side window, and the back headrest and i have pulled muscles/bruises on my stomach from the seatbelt locking up on me.

my car is like WOAH.

the trunk wont close all the way, i have 2 holes in the back of my bumber and above the right light, and my front liscence plate is all bent out of shape. plus my whole car is like scratched.

it was all the kids fault who hit me, so i get it fixed for free! plus a new paint job. yehaaa!

but i just thought all of you should know that me and christy (who was in the passenger seat) almost died on sunday.
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[09 Aug 2005|12:38am]

I rock peas on my head but don’t call me a pea head
Bees on my head but don’t call me a bee head
Bruce Lees on my head but don’t call me a Leehead
Now please excuse me I gotsta get my tree fed
You wear name brands and I make my own clothing
I hang out with an apple who loves self loathing (i hate myself)
Pancake on my face makes me extra happy
I like shampoo bottles that sit on my lappy
Cuz its my show you can’t tell me what to do
When life hands me lemons I make beef stew
So yo I gotta go its time for me to rock it
I put baloney in my left pocket
Smear some cream cheese in my gold locket
Cuz its my show im Andy Milonakis
Its my show im Shmandy Shmilashmakis
Its my show im Andy Milonakis

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[07 Aug 2005|09:38pm]

yAy! my camera works!

reasons why this weekend totally effing rockedCollapse )

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[24 Jul 2005|09:39pm]

Dear Jamie...Collapse )

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[18 Jul 2005|04:44pm]
cape = absolute awesomeness

vaca was amazing. except for the lack of all people from brockton, i had a blast.

lets see a few highlights:
-got asked to drink vodka with 2 kids i dont know and was thoroughly afraid of getting raped by
-made a rather inappropriate tape at sam and jimmys house
-slept in the same bed as jamie. again.
-went mini golfing and won (4 holes in one)
-movies twice: Fantastic 4 and War of the Worlds
-Street Fair
-Harry Potter Premeiere watching my cousin dress as Harry Potter. (hilarious)
-Old Silver Beach skimboarding
-Taking weirdo pics

on a lesser note: i NEED to hang out with people from brockton while i am still back here. comment if you want to do something this week sometime.
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[22 Jun 2005|11:45pm]

this journal is..

comment to be added

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[08 Jun 2005|06:41pm]
yah so...didnt get to go to missile base the other night. me, bobby and andrew jerz are going on friday during the day. then i'm going to the cape for the weekend. tomorrow i go for my road test...wish me luck!
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[12 May 2005|04:55pm]

LMAOCollapse )

comment to be added

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[31 Mar 2005|03:22pm]
this is a poem i started writing...it tells a sad story

poem time...Collapse )

I'm not done with it yet...

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time to reflect... [28 Mar 2005|06:41pm]
alissa thinks its time for a new entry...okay, so wrote an email to matt kelly last night. it was probably one of the more stupid things ive done...it definately makes my top 5 list. he completely shot me down and didnt even write back to me. granted, some of the things i've said arent exactly things that should be said in an email but it was my only chance to tell him some things and he never lets me talk to him at school. he practically avoids me. how do you tell someone that you made the mistake when you dumped them and want them back, but they wont take you no matter how hard you try? this really baffles me because its a problem i cant work out and cant fix so easily. all my problems have had answers, and everything i've tried for, i have gotten (anything that has taken effort from my end, im not talking about these things getting handed to me). when i wanted matt kelly to begin with, i tried and he started to like me, and i was so happy and excited, then i just stopped liking him. i didnt really stop, i just got a little creeped out by his constant want to be around me. and now i would give anything for him to take me back...i dont have a date to prom and i dont think i will be cause no one will take me. no one likes me. every boy i know has a girlfriend...

my demise...Collapse )

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